Demand and purchase planning

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Helmes has partnered TeliaSonera’s Estonian affiliate for many years in developing a demand-driven supply chain management information system. In close cooperation with the client, the system was developed in order to minimize lost sales with the optimum amount of goods in stock at any time.

Satisfaction with the solution as well as a positive cooperation experience provided Helmes with the opportunity to present an offer in TeliaSonera’s central procurement of a Common Demand and Purchase

Planning Tool (CDPPT) which would:

  • maintain maximum availability of consumer electronics;
  • reduce man-hours spent fulfilling it; and
  • develop an automated monitoring module so that errors in logistics processes would be discovered as soon as possible.

Competing with world-class software providers’ products, Helmes was chosen to develop a custom solution that would precisely reflect TeliaSonera’s innovative supply chain management process.

Compared to its competitors, Helmes offered maximum flexibility and agility, which were considered crucial when providing the shortest time to market in order to reduce the payback period of the investment.



TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

3d map library "Frege"

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in short

Frege is a C library that is used for superfast image generation of three dimensional spatial data. It was historically developed for air traffic control software – APOI PRIOR radar processing system on 1992.

Ever since Frege has been the cornerstone for all the software solutions developed by R-Systems.

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Current users

Lithuanian Armed Forces


City Of Tallinn


Tulika Group


Tulika Takso is the oldest and largest taxi company in Estonia. In 2014 our car park includes 215 white taxis.