• Custom software development
    Every industry has unique requirements.
    Every business - specific needs and preferences.
    Thats why custom software development drives business success.
    On time, on budget
  • Take a look at our overarching banking software
    Highly customizable
    and userfriendly
    Core bank information system,
    that covers an entire range of banking activities,
    including mobile, internet and analytical banking
  • Our minehunting operations and information system
    is based entirely on NATO standards
    And supports all the phases of the mine hunting operations:
    planning, operation and reporting.

Agility and performance

We believe in The Manifesto for Agile Software Development. We are what we deliver


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some of our customers

Estonian Performers Association

Url: http://www.eel.ee

Estonian Performers Association (EEL) is a non-profit organization established at the beginning of 2000. EEL administers and promotes performers rights, collects remunerations under the Copyright Act, and distributes the remunerations among those entitled to them. EEL is a member of the The Societies Council for the Collective Management of Performers Rights (SCAPR, www.scapr.org).

Estonian Transport Administration

Url: www.transpordiamet.ee/en

The principal aim of Maritime Administration is to ensure safe navigation in territorial and inland waters.


Url: www.just-get.com

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