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High level of reliability

The Radar Filter reads signals from radar, analyses and filters them according to the pre-determined conditions – limited areas and height ranges

The filtering conditions of the radar data are determined by a filtering algorithm and its changeable configuration.

The transmission of the radar data (both reading and forwarding) is based on the ASTERIX (All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Standard for Radar Information Exchange) format -, which is defined by the standard document Eurocontrol Standard for Radar Data Exchange. The Radar Filter processes and releases only ASTERIX CAT 001 radar plot messages described in the previously mentioned standard sub-document Part 2a - Transmission of Monoradar Target Reports. All other messages, though received, are not released on any conditions.

The filtering of radar messages is carried out on the basis of:

  •  geographically predefined areas
  •  height ranges
  •  message types
  •  data field selection

There may be several areas and height ranges and the filtering conditions can be combined. Both the input and the output of the Radar Filter are unidirectional. No data is sent to the radar and no data is received from the output port. In addition to the software level the uni directionality of the data flow can be supported on hardware level (cabling).

current users

Estonian Air Navigation Services

Url: www.eans.ee

Estonian Air Navigation Services provides quality services to air traffic in accordance with international standards as well as to ensure flight safety in Tallinn Flight Information Region. The sole owner of the company shares is the Republic of Estonia.

Estonian Defence Forces

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Estonia's defence policy aims to guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the state, the integrity of its land area, territorial waters and airspace and its constitutional order.