Helmes has launched Message Hub for financial institutions provided by NasdaqOMX, a message exchange environment, which is easily compatible with other modern post-trade solutions available in Europe. 

Message Hub is a solution made for data exchange in real time between securities market participants and it guarantees a data exchange security level that corresponds to international standards.

The aim of the project was to simplify and unify communications between internal subsystems and external clients. Securities settlement and servicing of corporate actions is implemented by exchanging data between the banks and brokerage companies and the securities depositories of the Baltic countries using special encoded messages: they will be sent via the new data exchange service Message Hub.

Up to now, market participants in each of the countries were sending their messages using systems that differed from country to country. The new data exchange service is a significant step towards the Baltic securities market harmonization and development and will make settlement in the Baltic market even more convenient.

Aivars Slokenbergs, Chairman of the Management board of Latvian Central Depository

The top security offered by message hub deserves a special mentioning, since the aspect is critical for financial markets


Url: www.nasdaqomx.com

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