Cees van Dijk, Senior Director Product & Development, Audatex Switzerland

The Helmes team truly understand our business and its requirements. They ask the right questions

No 1

Helmes is the no. 1 development partner of Audatex.

In 2014

The project turnover surpassed has 2 million EUR. Over 50,000 man hours of work.

Audatex is the only global claims solutions provider serving the automotive industry, providing end-to-end claims solutions that connect insurers, repairers, vehicle manufacturers and other parties in the claims supply chain.

In addition to its prominent position in the automotive claims sector in the United States, Canada and more than 45 other countries, the company’s growing footprint extends to automotive-related financial services markets.

Audatex’s level of satisfaction with Helmes is high, cooperation is growing and Helmes is pleased to be working with a client who has high quality criteria.

The project was launched in 2008 when Helmes responded to a regular sales proposal.

Helmes was selected out of 500 organisations by Audatex for further negotiations.

After talking to the Sales Department and doing a background check, we were one of the final 15 companies which Product & Development Senior Director from Audatex Switzerland Cees van Dijk personally visited.

After participating in a sample workshop in Switzerland, Helmes was selected. In 2008 we successfully completed the project we were chosen for, after which Audatex sought to continue with us on other projects.

Our knowledge and understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organization, and our knowledge of their business literacy, are great advantages that are valued by our customer.

Time limits are a challenge when working with Audatex.

Our partnership is expanding further all the time. Flexibility and reliability are the two most important qualities Audatex looks for in Helmes.

Over the years Helmes has produced 7 applications for the Audanet platform.

The fact that Audanet is updated every month and that all new implementations must be ready by that time gives Helmes a very tight timeframe in which to work, but we manage to keep everything on schedule.

Audanet is a unique web-based platform specifically designed to accommodate all of the activities that take place along the claims journey. Hosted centrally by Audatex, Audanet is at the heart of a portfolio of services.

Helmes is working with Audatex on Audanet, which facilitates communication between insurance companies, repair shops, assessors et al. The main product on Audanet enables insurance companies to send cases to assessors so as to estimate costs and to repair shops for repairs.

Calculations can be checked against rules defined by the insurance company. Also, various support modules are used. In the time we have been working together, we have implemented several applications and web services for Audatex. RulesCheck is one of our applications: it reduces claims costs and accelerates the claims handling process. No local software installation is needed.

Helmes has implemented an application which makes the process more efficient and effective for Audatex and its customers:

  • shorter run-through time by reducing administrative proceedings;
  • checks on completeness of claims (missing data, images, mileage information etc.);
  • consistent, automated, electronic checks of cost estimates and assessments, based on individual rules;
  • analysis of files and estimates of irregularities;
  • individual rules created with an easy-to-use tool covering calculation results, the vehicle manufacturer, the model, the sub-model, specifications and the available ID Block Codes, the parameter search and value comparison; and
  • individual check reports with clear output and potential savings in XML format through Audanet. (A .pdf format is also available, and the layout and content of the .pdf check report can be defined by the customer.)

In addition, Helmes has developed and is maintaining the following products/services:

  • User management and account configuration system
  • Self-service account configuration system where users maintain their own internal organisation data
  • Car manufacturer’s warranty claim management system
  • Insurance rule management system
  • Insurance case management system
  • Real-time application monitoring system
  • B2B integrations with third party IT systems
  • Security audit and SSO enhancements for platform log-in mechanism

Helmes uses different forms of technology such as Microsoft, NET, JAVA and Oracle to implement these applications and services.

These best-in-class technology solutions and services help Audatex automate their customer processes, manage millions of claims every year efficiently and effectively and resolve billions in claims settlements.

RulesCheck alone reduces claim costs via:

  • automated and standardised checks of data and results in files and estimates;
  • integrated checks against individual rules and/or partner agreements;
  • less cash out by reducing administrative work; and
  • valuation of body shops

It is flexible, scalable and secure – and designed to help you keep up with the demands of tomorrow. As a common platform, Audanet and its applications enable you to streamline your operations by automating timeconsuming processes, thereby improving workflow management.


Url: www.audatex.net

Audatex provides solutions to insurance, assesors and vehicle repair industries, to handle claim settlement as efficiently as possible. The owner of the brand employ over 2000 people in more than 60 countries across 6 continents and have a global network of over 75,000 customers.